Process Administration

Our outstanding reputation for customer satisfaction is built on our commitment to clear and accurate communication with every customer.

With our fast, attentive customer service and integrated repair order status reports, we ensure our customers have the information they need to conduct business—without interruption.

Status Reports

We provide you with a password that allows you to check status in the Preferred Customer Login Area of all your Repair Orders from the day received until shipped with meaningful details updated continuously.

Receiving Reports

Upon receipt of a Repair Order, we issue Receiving Reports to inform you right away if we discover any discrepancies in paperwork or material.

Quote & Approval Package

Unless we have negotiated a firm fixed price contract, we provide a formal Quote & Approval Package and an Inspection Tear-down Report to detail our findings, note parts that require replacement, and provide pricing.

Release Documentation and Service Performed Report

We have all the forms you need and will provide all those appropriate for the article and as required on your repair order, such as 8130-3, FAA Form 337, Certificate of Conformance in compliance with the Federal Acquisition Regulations, Form DD250 or Form DD1574.

Our extensive materiel management experience has long been a major element of our success in providing rapid aircraft-component overhauls.

That experience, coupled with strong vendor and manufacturer relationships enables us to:
  • Ensure our customers receive the highest quality parts and competitive prices
  • Analyze the frequency of parts used in the repair cycle
  • Meet or exceed our customers’ required turn times
  • Replenish our inventory in advance to meet future needs
  • Find solutions to difficult challenges posed by aging aircraft
  • Fill our extensive inventory with hard-to-procure and long-lead items
  • Lower operating costs and reduce aircraft downtime

Is it Materil or Materil?

Many people mention that we’ve misspelled the word materiel. Have we?

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