Repair / Overhaul Services

Our advanced testing facilities and highly-trained technicians allow us to accurately test and repair a wide range of components.

The parts we repair* generally fall into four service categories: pneumatics, hydraulics, fuel and electromechanical.
[icon_counter flip_box_style=”advanced” icon=”Defaults-crosshairs” icon_size=”26″ icon_color=”#ffffff” block_title_front=”Pneumatics” block_desc_front=”Our state of the art pneumatics test facility can accurately recreate the necessary conditions to test virtually all pressure- and vacuum-related components.” block_title_back=”Components Include” block_desc_back=”Pneumatic Starters
Cooling Turbines
Air Turbine Machines
Cabin Outflow Valves
Start Valves
Shut Off Valves
Solenoid Valves
Safety Valves” block_back_text_color=”#ffffff” custom_link=”1″ button_link=”url:%2Fservices%2Fpneumatics%2F|||” button_text=”Read More” button_bg=”#ffffff” button_txt=”#003c96″ height_type=”ifb-custom-height” box_height=”425″ el_class=”repairs-flipbox-pneumatics”]
[icon_counter flip_box_style=”advanced” icon=”Defaults-road” icon_size=”26″ icon_color=”#ffffff” block_title_front=”Hydraulics” block_desc_front=”Our extensive capabilities in hydraulic repairs allow us to test components with requirements up to 80 GPM, 15,000 RPM and 25,000 PSI” block_title_back=”Components Include” block_desc_back=”Hydraulic Pumps
Hydraulic Motors
Shut Off Valves
Gear Boxes
Solenoid Valves
Actuators” block_back_text_color=”#ffffff” custom_link=”1″ button_link=”url:%2Fservices%2Fhydraulics%2F|||” button_text=”Read More” button_bg=”#ffffff” button_txt=”#003c96″ height_type=”ifb-custom-height” box_height=”425″ el_class=”repairs-flipbox-hydraulics”]
[icon_counter flip_box_style=”advanced” icon=”Defaults-tint” icon_size=”26″ icon_color=”#ffffff” block_title_front=”Fuel” block_desc_front=”We maintain several universal fuel test stands, providing us the capability to service a wide variety of fuel system components” block_title_back=”Components Include” block_desc_back=”Fuel Controls
Transfer Pumps
Fuel Boost Pumps
Shut Off Valves
Fuel Float Valves
Fuel Regulators
Solenoid Transfer Valves” block_back_text_color=”#ffffff” custom_link=”1″ button_link=”url:%2Fservices%2Ffuel%2F|||” button_text=”Read More” button_bg=”#ffffff” button_txt=”#003c96″ height_type=”ifb-custom-height” box_height=”425″ el_class=”repairs-flipbox-fuel”]
[icon_counter flip_box_style=”advanced” icon=”Defaults-bolt flash” icon_size=”26″ icon_color=”#ffffff” block_title_front=”Electrical & Electromechanical” block_desc_front=”Our technicians are trained and experienced on a wide range of electrical and electromechanical components.” block_title_back=”Components Include” block_desc_back=”Generators
Float Valves
Anti-Ice Valves
Boost Pumps
Solenoid Valves
Starter Generators
Fans” block_back_text_color=”#ffffff” custom_link=”1″ button_link=”url:%2Fservices%2Felectrical%2F|||” button_text=”Read More” button_bg=”#ffffff” button_txt=”#003c96″ height_type=”ifb-custom-height” box_height=”425″ el_class=”repairs-flipbox-electrical”]

* Please see our marketing list to search for specific part numbers. Due to the large scope of our capabilities and the limited support from some manufacturers, not all articles within our capabilities are on our marketing list. If you have an article that is not on our marketing list and falls into one of the categories above, we can generally confirm our capabilities and provide realistic support information within a day or two.